A Saudi Woman pays Half A Million Riyals to Her Guardian For Her Freedom

saudi womanJeddah: Women need a guardian to protect them from the cruelty of others and to fight for their rights, but what if the guardian himself becomes the biggest monster in a woman’s life. So was the case with a Saudi spinster, who had to pay a heavily in order to free herself from the chains of her guardian. Apparently, the parents of the resident of Jeddah died and her paternal uncle was made her guardian and was responsible for her upbringing.

According to the Arab media, when this girl reached the age of 20, she started getting marriage proposals, but her uncle rejected one after the other until she reached the age of 30. Worried for her future, this girl approached her uncle about her proposals and to inquire why he kept rejecting them. [alert-success] She was shocked to know that her uncle was after the half a million Riyals that her parents had left behind for her and that he had never intended to marry her to someone else because of the half a million fortune that she owned.[/alert-success]

The Jeddah resident then asked her uncle for the price of letting her go, on which her uncle asked her to give up her fortune to him and he would let her marry. After consultations with her lawyer, the girl had to offer her half a million fortune to her uncle, after which her uncle decided to look for marriage proposals for her.

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