How to Prepare for Diseases due to Weather Changes & Cold

cold diseasesWe all are used to suffer from several diseases due to weather changes and cold so it is necessary to visit doctor despite of adopting several prescriptions and remedies. It is also mandatory to get prepare for battle against these diseases with the help some tips which we will discuss here today.

Medical College Rawalpindi and Benazir Bhutto Hospital’s ANT specialist Dr. Muhammad Aslam Chaudhary has said increasing ear, nose and throat disease are the reasons of investigations for health professionals. He also said that it is very necessary to follow medical instructions and to take care in order to reduce these disease. He also said that it is necessary to bring change in the living style as well as in eating or drinking according to the braking change and increase in the cold weather.

Dr. Aslam Chaudhary also said that the use of tangy, spicy and fried items are very dangerous for our throat as well as rotten and unripe fruits are also risky for our throat.

Inappropriate food during the cold weather is one of the major reason behind the poor health, he added.

Moreover, Dr. Aslam Chaudhary also advised to consult with doctors in case of ear, nose and throat disease as consultation with doctors and to follow them will be more helpful then some home remedies which people are used to adopt. He also requested not to avoid minor pain or problems which converted into complex form of the disease.

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