Samsung Acquired Patent for Smart Rings For Automation

Samsung Smart RingIn the previous article, we have shared Samsung mobiles will be equipped with the most advanced security technology and easiest way to break pattern lock in Android Phones. Now in this article, we are sharing an incredible plan of popular Korean multinational company. Yes, Samsung has acquired patent for smart rings for automation. According to the reports, Samsung has applied for the rights of smart rings which would be another milestone in the technology world. The smart rings from the house of Samsung will be used to control Smartphones, TV and other electronic products as well.

This news has been published by US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), which has suggested that smart rings could be used to control smart TV’s, smartphones, tablets and many other smart devices. This smart ring would be possibly have options to change TV channels and other functions as well including controlling lights. Although many other electronic giants including Microsoft, Google and Apple are also trying to make such type of device, but Samsung Smart Ring will possibly have an option to control Facebook also.

It is to be noted that Samsung has not officially declared plans to make such type of device, but it has filed patent for smart ring in June, 2015.

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