Samsung Creating Yet Another Milestone

eye scannerSeoul: Electronic devices are now being equipped with a biometric system that will scan your finger print before letting you access the device. Mobile phones were also equipped with this system so that people were saved from the hassle of remembering passwords and it was more convenient. But if you thought that this was the best security technology that you could get your hands on, then you were wrong. Samsung has gone ahead by leaps and bounds.

Yes folks! Samsung mobiles will be equipped with the most advanced security technology that will scan the user’s eye as a password. The phone will have an iris scanner that will be able to identify the user from their outer part of the iris. The ‘Exyons’ department of Samsung has released a statement on its twitter account stating that Samsung is willing to introduce this technology to its users.

According to Samsung, this technology will act in the same manner as the fingerprint technology. The phone will save an image of the user’s eye from its pupil to its iris and then use it as a password, every time the user tries to access their phone. This technology will be used to pay bills and access bank accounts as well. This technology will be introduced by Samsung in September in the Galaxy Note 4.

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