The Easiest Way to Break Pattern Lock in Android Phones

unlock-screen-lock-patternsAndroid smart phone users are used to set pattern locks in order to keep their valuable data saved which they don’t want to access by anyone. However it is a very useful feature of smartphone but forgetting pattern lock creates biggest problem for the users.

In this situation, users are required to access their Google account in order to unlock their pattern but if someone also forgets ID and password of their Google account then it will be hard to unlock pattern lock.

Today we are here to tell you easiest way to break pattern lock in Android phones without any need of Google account. But it is to remember that all data will be removed from the memory of your mobile phone by using this method. However, if you use memory card then your data in the card will remain save after using this following method to unlock pattern lock.

How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock:

  • First remove memory card from your mobile phone and then turn off you’re your mobile
  • After switching off your handset, press Volume up and Power button simultaneously and hold them until something appear on your screen
  • Leave both button when your device gets on
  • Reach at third option on your mobile screen by using volume up button and then click on that option with the help of power button
  • Then you will see a new screen on which a Yes and several No will be written
  • If you will click on the Yes option then your mobile data will be reset and your mobile phone will get restart
  • In this way, your pattern lock will be unlock and mobile phone will appear in a new state

Points To Remember:

  • In order to go in the recovery mode of Samsung Galaxy series of high-end smart phones, press the Power + volumeup + volumedown simultaneously
  • Different mobile companies have different recovery modes which you will have to search on Google according to your handset.

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