Restrictions On Pakistani Passengers Intensified By American Security

pakistani passengerLahore: The American Security and Transport Administration have intensified restrictions on the Pakistani passengers. American security has instructed the Pakistani passengers going on board various airlines, especially PIA , to keep their electronic devices, such as their laptops, tablet PCs, Notebooks and mobile phones charged so that they can be checked on the Manchester airport.

Pakistan International airlines (PIA) has instructed the various travel agencies to instruct their clients to keep their electronic devices such as laptops and mobile phones charged. If these devices are found discharged, the Manchester airport authorities will confiscate these items. The American security authority has taken this step to allow them to be absolutely sure about the safety of the electronic items in the possession of the Pakistanis.

The American security organization has also instructed other airlines as well besides PIA to take similar measures. The American security will carry out a strict check on the electronic items so that no dangerous item is brought on board the flight.

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