Now You Can Use ChatGPT Like Meta AI Chatbot within WhatsApp

WhatsApp users, cheer! The long-awaited Meta AI chatbot has finally landed, bringing excitement and convenience to your messaging experience. This latest update, now available in Pakistan, promises to revolutionize how you interact with the app.

What’s the Buzz About?

The buzz surrounds Meta AI, the new chatbot integrated seamlessly into WhatsApp. Powered by Meta’s advanced Llama 2 open-source AI model, Meta AI functions similarly to ChatGPT, offering prompt-based responses to a wide array of queries.

What’s New?

Meta AI eliminates the hassle of manual updates by being a server-side change, accessible through a simple tap on the new search bar labeled “Ask Meta AI or Search”.

Alternatively, users can initiate chats with Meta AI by tapping its dedicated icon above the chat button.

Features Galore

Meta AI comes packed with features designed to enhance your WhatsApp experience. From generating AI images in under a minute to providing prompt options covering topics like fitness, travel, and home maintenance, Meta AI offers a versatile and engaging interaction.

A Closer Look

Unlike its predecessors, Meta AI boasts the ability to generate AI images directly within WhatsApp. While these images are limited in resolution and labeled as AI-made, they can be easily downloaded and shared like any other media.

Bringing People Together

Meta AI isn’t just for one-on-one conversations; it’s also equipped to function within group chats, making it easier than ever to collaborate, share ideas, and stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues.

Sync Across Devices

For added convenience, Meta AI conversations seamlessly sync across all your devices, ensuring you can pick up right where you left off whether you’re on your phone or desktop.

However, it’s worth noting that on WhatsApp Desktop, Meta AI goes by the name “AI Character”.

Meta AI promises to revolutionize your WhatsApp experience, offering a seamless blend of convenience and innovation. So, why wait? Dive into the world of Meta AI today and discover a new dimension of messaging possibilities.

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