Researchers Concludes Diseases behind Sleep Disorders

Sleep-disorderMost of the people are unaware with the diseases that causes due to the sleep disorders as lots of people are used to suffer from sleeping disorder. In this regard, America institute Brigham and Women’s Hospital has brought their research in which it has said that there are adverse effects on the kidneys of sleeping disorders.

Diseases Caused By Sleeping Disorder: Research revealed that the rate of kidney problems increased for the people who cannot sleep properly at night. There is a natural system in the human body which deals sleeping and waking up of any human being. But when this natural system gets affected, several interrupts starts to appear in our sleep due to which our kidney gets effected.

Experiment of Researcher: Research Professor Syaran Joseph said that he experienced 4238 people for 11 years in his study and the quality of their kidney health was being proofed for two times during the experiment. It was observed that people who feel disruption in their sleep, the performance of their kidney was affected. Professor Joseph quoted the example that the women who were sleeping for five hours, the possibility of their kidney malfunction was 65% more than those women who were sleeping for eight hours.

Advice of Researcher: Professor Joseph has advised that people should try hard to take proper sleep in order to avoid such problems.

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