Saudi Government Made A Decision To Return Passport To Foreign Workers

saudiAccording to sources, Saudi government made a decision to return the passport of foreign workers to the concerned person. Under the decision of the government of Saudi Arabia all the foreign workers who are working into universities, hospitals, medical and engineering colleges and government agencies in Saudi Arabia, their passport to be returned to the concerned employee has been started.

The law states that every Saudi sponsor had kept foreign passport  until a person is willing to work in Saudi Arabia such as professors, doctors, engineers and high-profile job to public or private institutions or private organizations sponsor’s passport administration were retained.

Saudi government foreign workers decided to return the passport of foreign workers to the concerned person. Government has started implementing on this law. According to this, Saudi sponsor has to keep foreign passport  until a person wants to work in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi government is known to have good rules and regulation. Now the government has started making new polices to provide facilities to foreigners in order to make better work force in Saudia Arabia. Therefore this law has implemented in Saudia that the passport of foreign employees is to be returned to concerned person.

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