Teenager Breaks Taxi Window To Steal Dhs20 As He Was Famished

Teenager smashes taxi window to steal Dhs20 because he was hungryA 14-year-old teenager  broke a taxi window and stole Dhs20 from inside the cab to purchase some food because his mother had penalized him for coming home late by rejected to provide him dinner. Ras Al Khaimah Court of First occasion listened to that the 14-year-old Emirati got the cab parked and unattended in a town in the northern emirate one night before this month after being banned from the family dinner table.

The boy confessed to the judge that he broke the window to find some money from the cab, stating he was famished after the sentence his mum dished out to him. “I came back home a bit late and my mother rejected to allow me inside the house,” the teenager said. “She required punishing me. “I broke the window of the taxi and found Dhs20 from there. “I only required buying dinner as I was famished. I didn’t intend to steal.” The Asian driver complained to police officers after he came back to his vehicle to see the window broken.

The judge sent away the teen’s claims in court yesterday – but after the words of warning he took the decision to hand the teenager back to his parents to visualize the best way in which to care him. The judge stated that he decided after the taxi driver withdrew the case against the boy.


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