Registration of CNIC : NADRA

NadraNIC is the National Identity Card which is a convenient document in shape of a plastic card. NIC has all the information of a person to show his identity. It is a reliable card that is acceptable by with in Pakistan and outside the Pakistan. If you are a Pakistani, you have to obtain an Identity Card from NADRA to verify your identity that you are a citizen of Pakistan. An Identity Card is issued by NADRA has all the information of the card holder like his or her full name along with name of custodian, gender, residential address, , nationality, issuance date of card and expiry date of identity card. It is essential for the entire citizen to keep their identity card to prove their citizenship.

Following Documents are required to show and attach with the application form of CNIC:

Birth Certificate or

Old NIC or

Matriculation Certificate or

CNICs of immediate/blood relatives

Citizenship certificate issued by MOI

NADRA has made the things very easy for everyone if you want to verify the information and detail of any CNIC. Simply verify CNIC by sending an SMS to 7000. Write CNIC Number without any interruption and send it to 7000. In reply you will get name and father’s name of CNIC number holder. You will be charged approximately Rs. 12 including Tax.


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