If Pakistan Did Not Turn The Other Option Would Be, Afghanistan Threatens

AfghanistanKABUL: Afghanistan has warned that the provocations from Pakistan comes at an appropriate time, otherwise the government is willing to use the other option. Foreign forces in Afghanistan said Thursday before the royal presence of the said negotiations are stalled. In the Afghan Foreign Ministry said, and later announced on August 20 that the basis of royal troops in permanent bases presenting developments in the interaction only a few cases have yet to be discussed and was responsible for peace in Afghanistan.

Afghan media reported on Wednesday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad Shakib charged in press conference, Afghan intelligence agencies have informed the government that the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan to degrade is making a militia. He told the Afghan government intelligence and security situation in Afghanistan is preparing a militia to spoil the money is being sent to Afghanistan. The spokesman of the Afghan National Security Forces to defend the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are fully capable and ready to face new challenges. He said, Pakistan and rocket attacks, acts of provocation by the Pakistani authorities through diplomatic channels are in dialogue with Pakistan and the Afghan government to continue to conduct such reasonable time to prepare for other options.

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