Psychologist Says Instant SMS Leads Madness among Girls

Browsing From SmartphoneLondon: Psychologists have revealed that short messaging service (SMS) and other messages which send through internet leads madness among girls due to which severe affects emerge on their educational performance. However negativity of high use of SMS did not affect educational performance of young boys.

According to Professor Kelly Landman who is associated with Delaware community college, emotional behavior towards text messaging is more complex than number of text messages. He also told that defensive attitude is also adopt in this emotional behavior regarding texting as well as also get angry when they are unable to send text messages.

Professor Kelly Landman also added that teenage girls are used to think out of contexts and they are also used to associate with others in emotional manner. Another research also claimed that emotional behavior of girls towards creates more problems as compare to boys.

Meanwhile, a team of researchers gathered 192 boys and 211 girls from class 8 to 11 and investigate about their behaviors towards texting with the help of compulsive texting scale. However researchers told that those girls who took higher number on scale were not good in their educational performance neither they pass with good grades nor they adjusted in school fully.

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