Imran Khan Demands Re-Election In Pakistan

imran khanIslamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s chairman, Imran Khan, has demanded re-election in the country and states that he fears no one and is ready to take a bullet to his chest for his country. Imran Khan was giving an interview to a private TV channel and was in great spirits. He said that the time for negotiations has passed so now that Shehbaz Sharif is sending him messages; it’s of no use. He will not make a deal now.

Imran Khan stated that the protest on 14th August will take place as planned and that he will not return until the demands have been fulfilled by the government. [alert-success] He also said that Jeddah and Washington should stay away from the Pakistan political scene. He also said that the time to make deals and negotiate was over.[/alert-success] Shehbaz Sharif should have stepped up his act earlier. Now it was too late.

Imran Khan is adamant on his demand for re-election and has called a long march on 14th August for his demands. There are news that the march has been postponed and the matter seems to be pending for the time being.

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