Group Selling Tap Water As Zam Zam Arrested In Saudi Arabia

Zam ZamThe group of Bengali’s in Saudi Arabia caught red handed filling bottles with tap water and selling it as Zam Zam. According to the reports circulated on social media with pictures nowadays, these Bangladeshi citizens were working as a group in Saudi Arabia and doing this shameless business in the Kingdom. They were doing this cheap business in a residential palace where tap water is filled with rubber pipe in the empty bottles and after this, they stick Zam Zam label on that bottles.

After receiving some reports about this illegal and criminal business, police attempted raid at the particular place where these Bengali’s were doing. Saudi police caught them red handed and seized all the filled water bottles with other goods. However, Saudi Police has started further investigations against the suspects.

zam zam water fakeZam Zam is a traditional and holy drinking water of all the Muslims present all around the world. Especially, the pilgrims coming from all over the world every year take this water with them and distribute this amongst their relatives as a gift, which is usually called Saughaat. It is water gathered from a well in Mecca which has historical significance and is associated with Hazrat Ismail (A.S).

Exporting of Zam Zam is banned in Saudi Arabia and pilgrims coming in the Kingdom to perform Hajj and Umrah are allowed to take some limited quantity of this water with them.

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