Plan a Tour in Gobekli Tepe- An Archaeological & Mountainous site

Gobekli TepeGobekli Tepe is an archaeological site famous for its tourist attraction. It is located at the peak of mountain ridge in the region of Turkey called Southeastern Anatolia and is 12 km away from northeast of Sanliurfa. It was highlighted in 1963 in a survey done by Istanbul University and University of Chicago. It acquires a historical evidence because of the date in which it was constructed which is around twelve thousand years ago. It comprises of many circular and oval structures on top of hill. With the passage of time it was proved that is one of the Stone Age temples. Investigations also revealed that there are 20 installations at temple. They are two big pillars in the center of every installation gathered by walls and more pillars.

The pillars are T shaped and their height is from 3 to 6 meters. The archeologists have symbolized the T shape to stylized human beings because many of the symbols on pillars represents human extremists. Besides them there are also animal picture carvings on stones statues and also some combinations of pictures.

Majority of the pictures on stones are of boars, ducks, snakes, foxes, cranes and others. Mostly are carved in flat textures. There are also few three dimensional sculptures in the form of predator that according to archeologists predict a lion but is subject to the shape of T pillar.

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