Istiklal Caddesi The Famous Historic Avenue in Istanbul Turkey

Istiklal-CaddesiIstiklal Caddesi is the famous historic avenue in Istanbul Turkey. This avenue is visited by three million people every day over weekends. It is located in Beyoglu district in a 1.4 kilometers long road which has boutiques, music shops, book shops, cinemas, clubs, cafes, restaurants, art galleries, chocolate stores, and others.

In its surroundings there are famous old historical buildings of 19th and 20th century that were designed in first Turkish National Architecture styles and others and also there are few of ArtDeco the center of the avenue Galatasaray Square is located and is the oldest secondary school in Turkey which is also known as Galatasaray High School.

The historical avenue is surrounded by important and politically noteworthy buildings for example Cicek Pasaji, Balik Pazari which is the fish market, Agha Camil mosque, Church of Santa Maria Draperis, Armenian Uc Horan, many educational institutes, mosques and many others. This place is worth to visit by the visitors. In the Ottoman era this place was known as Cadde-i-Kebir and it was famous place for intellectuals. Many events take place at this avenue including international art exhibitions, marches, protests, parades etc. annual Film Festival also hosts at this famous place.

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