The Restoration of Library of Celsus – Roman Traces in Turkey

Library-of-CelsusThe Library of Celsus located in Selcuk, Turkey (which earlier was Ephesus Anatolia) was built in ancient roman times. The building itself was completed in 135 AD, which actually was constructed by Galius Julius Aquila in the Honor of his own Father Tiberius Julius Cesus who was a Roman Senator. The library was built with a purpose to house thousands of scripts and along with it serve as the Mausoleum of Celsus (Celsus is buried there beneath the library).

The Library which was built in 135 AD was hit by multiple earthquakes, which left the building destroyed the first earthquake in 262 AD damaged the interior of the library and it was destroyed. Outside Façade of the Library was destroyed in around 10th century or as per some records in 11th century leaving the whole complex demolished. In the period of 1970-78 team of archaeologists worked on the anastylosis of the ancient Library and finally it was re-constructed by1978.

The architecture seems to be the perfectly fulfilling the need of those who had to quench thirst of Knowledge. The simple hall which was east facing known to be built so to benefit from the sun and to encourage early rising among those who were in need of knowledge. The main building is actually built on a height which can be climbed by nine steps. The main entrance is actually the size of the whole width of the building providing an open entrance, the building’s roof is supported by set of columns. Recently only two sets of columns were re-erected which depicted a general image of the building which must have been existed thousands of years back.

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