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Online FIRKarachi: A project of online registration of FIR was launched by Police of Karachi.  This latest system was introduced to unconstraint the time -taking process of visiting police stations to get the cases registered. With online FIR registration, complainants can now register instantly through internet.

The launch was observed at the new central police office building, where renowned philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi was invited as the chief guest of ceremony.

“The initiative was taken considering the number of complaints at the police stations that officials there avoid lodging FIRs for various reasons. Every single complaint that deserves to be turned into a proper FIR will be entertained” Karachi police chief Ghulam Qadir Thebo told media after the ceremony.

He further informed that complainants and victims can browse to notify their complaints against any crimes they experienced in Karachi. Complainants can also call at 021-99225500 for any guidance about the process and they can also verify that the FIR registration has been received by sending a text messages to 0300-8293335, he added.

Authorities pronounced this move as one of the steps towards police reforms that will ease the life of citizens by saving their time and effort, whereas for the police it will assist them more in countering crime. However, up till now, Karachi Police has been a complete failure in curbing crime from the city. This new e-registration of FIR has not been introduced in any other part of the Pakistan except Quaid’s city.

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