Pakistani Students Made “Vimow” Website

vimowYouTube is blocked in Pakistan since September 2012 by the Govt of Pakistan, taken action by the honourable Chief justice Supreme Court and prime minister of Pakistan.  The ban is not lifted from you tube uptill. Pakistani people need any other alternative website of YouTube but unfortunately there was not any other web like YouTube in Pakistan. But in recent times a group in Pakistan designed alternate web of YouTube with the name of “Vimow”. That is increasing its popularity in Pakistan because of its features and speed. Social networking website is very fast growing in Pakistan and other countries.

There are numerous videos of different types are available on this website Such as Islam & Religion, Spotlight, Sports, News, Music, Education & Policies, Cooking, Comedy, Technology, Entertainment, Gaming, Celebrities, , Automobile, History, Technology, Anime, Science, Travel & People, Fun at School or College.

People can upload and download video easily. They must have register by Facebook or creating a new account on web for uploading videos. Videos of this website can effortlessly be downloaded from any video downloading software like Internet Download Manager (IDM) and other downloading softwares. People are quite satisfied with the features and result of Vimow website.

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