Use USB Drive As A Ram

Use USB Drive As A RamAkhbar nama is going to tell you how to utilize an usb thumb drive as a practical RAM device for your Pc The thumb drive a person used is a 2 Gb from Kingston. The size has to be less than 4 Gb.

When a person looks at the screenshots below you ought to think that it is in German.

  • Rename your thumb drive  as “RAM DRIVE”, so you are able to look at that it is the one which is utilized as RAM.
  • Get all the stuff of the pen drive Deleted. Also look at hidden once.
  • Right select on “My Computer” –> Properties


  • Select on “Advanced” –> system output “Settings”


  • Select on “Advanced” –>  “Edit”


  • Select on your thumb drive above  –> “user-defined size”  –> you are able to look at the size of your flash drive (in this case 1932 Mb) calculate: size of flash drive – 5 Mb in this case: 1932 – 5 = 1927. Now type this number in the first box. In the second box you type in the same number (see picture) –>


  • Select “set” and “OK”
  • Select “Apply”, click not “Cancel” or  “OK”.

After selecting “Apply”, click “OK”.
Restart your computer.

[alert-success] Warning:
Don´t take your thumb drive out after making this settings, because it´s utilized as virtual RAM device. It might break down your computer if you take out your thumb drive. We would not responsible for those cases[/alert-success]

If your computer didn´t obtain really faster or you include other reasons to eliminate the USB thumb drive than take the following steps:

Select the step 6 and choose your USB thumb drive, than select “no swapfile” –> “Set” –>”OK” –> “Apply”

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