One More Benefit Of Sunnah Of Prophet (P.B.U.H): Modern Science

London: Hand eat part of our religious teachings and social tradition, but with time, we often give way to the west, from the thorns and eat by tablespoons. Have you ever thought what is the reason behind eating the food by hand If we are not aware of the clinical benefits of this. Herbal medicine or energy dependence of human life and the things that constituency is likened to the fingers, the thumb, fire, air, index finger, a finger to the sky, the color of the finger land and water are connected to the little finger. The lack of anything can be dangerous to humans. So when we eat all the fingers are raised, making nutritious food to keep us safe from various diseases.

The sense of touch in the human body is very strong effectiveness, so we have our fingers touch the food, the brain gets the signal that we were eating and the signals from the brain to cause gastrointestinal and the stomach to digest food is ready. Eating food with hands that are specific attention. The food you have to keep the focus on the food which you eat will not only adequate, but no harm will hold on falling quickly.sunnat

Burning of the mouth: the temperature sensors are also, when you touch the food, if they are too hot, you will not take it in your mouth, so you will be saved from the burning mouth, otherwise Spoon the temperature of the food you will be able to accurately identify and mouth will burn down.

Modern Science agree the one more benefit Of Sunnah Of Prophet (P.B.U.H)

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