Nearly 100% Increase in Islamabad Metro Bus Fares Expected Soon

Rising inflation has affected every aspect of our lives, and public transport is no exception. CDA, Islamabad, plans to increase the metro bus fares by around 100% to add to people’s burden.

The final decision to raise the prices will be made during the upcoming CDA board meeting. The plan is to increase the prices for Green and Blue Line buses from Rs. 30 to Rs. 60; for the Orange Line bus, the fare will go up from Rs. 60 to Rs. 100.

How Would the Residents of Islamabad Feel About this Unwelcome News?

The residents of Islamabad are undoubtedly grappling with the harsh realities of soaring inflation, which has permeated every facet of their lives.

In this already challenging economic environment, the news of a potential 100% increase in metro bus fares proposed by CDA is bound to evoke frustration, anxiety, and disappointment among the city’s residents.

For many, the metro bus system serves as a lifeline, providing an affordable commuting method in a city where private transportation can be costly and congested.

The proposed fare hikes from Rs. 30 to Rs. 60 for the Green and Blue Line buses and from Rs. 60 to Rs. 100 for the Orange Line bus are seen as an added financial burden that may stretch tight budgets.

The impending decision by the CDA board meeting could significantly impact the daily lives of Islamabad’s residents, forcing them to reconsider their transportation options and allocate more of their shrinking budgets to commuting expenses.

As inflation continues to erode their purchasing power, this fare increase may further strain their ability to make ends meet and maintain their quality of life.

In such a challenging economic climate, the prospect of higher metro bus fares is likely to be met with a sense of hardship and concern by the city’s residents.

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