Dr Shahid Masood Reveals An Alarming Fact About Gullu Butt’s Fate

gullu buttLahore: An astonishing revelation has also been made by the senior journalist Shahid Masood about Gullu Butt whose act of aggression converted the peaceful demonstration into violence. Shahid Masood stated that the government tends to make mistakes in its critical hours. Imran Khan’s public gatherings and Tahir-ul-Qadri’s entrance in the political scene of Pakistan has created worries for the government. It is also suspected that Gullu Butt will be killed in his prison.

Gullu Butt was the main character of the Lahore incident who was held responsible for severe vehicular and other damages. Gullu Butt has been arrested and sent to jail on judicial remand. Gullu Butt was to be presented in the Model Town court, where he was brought in a mask by the police. But the mob of angry lawyers and other people recognized him and beat him viciously that resulted in Gullu Butt being transported to the Jinnah Hospital in a severe condition.

Gullu received medical attention after which he was again presented in the court by the police. The police submitted a written request for Gullu’s remand. But afterwards, the police gave a verbal certification of the fact that they had confiscated the weapon used by Gullu to smash the vehicles. Hence the court sent Gullu on a judicial remand to jail for 14 days.

The lawyers were furious at the court proceedings, stating that articles imposed on Gullu Butt by the police are bailable. They said that   the police are not taking the case seriously, as Gullu Butt was the main culprit who heightened the situation that led to the death of people during the incident.

Dr Shahid Masood also revealed during a talk show on a private TV channel that Gullu Butt was an important witness of the case and according to his sources; Gullu Butt’s life was in danger. If Gullu chose to speak in front of the media then the situation created as a result will be uncontrollable.

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