More Worries For The Foreign Tailors In Saudi Arabia

Tailors In Saudi ArabiaTabuk: Saudi Government has announced that men will not be allowed to stitch lady’s clothes and only women tailors will be allowed to stitch clothes for women. Men tailors will not be granted visas in the future for this purpose. The government has regulated the ministry of labour to enforce this law and has asked the ministry of labour to employ Saudi women for stitching female clothes.

The government has also instructed the relevant agencies to not issue visas to foreign male tailors. The government personnel also surveyed the various shops offering tailoring services and have dismissed male tailors from their services. The government has announced a plan for a female based clothing industry that will only employ female tailors for stitching female clothes and selling them as well. The government will also provide training programs to train the female tailors in this respect.

While this may be a good step from the perspective of women, many foreign tailors earning a descent living in Saudi Arabia through tailoring will have received this news with worry. This step will be a blow for the foreign tailors settled in Saudi Arabia.

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