NADRA & Excise Department Unites to Issue Smart Vehicle Registration Cards

smart vehicle registration cardsNational Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and Excise and Taxation Department has united in order to issue smart vehicle registration cards. According to the details, both organizations have worked hard for this project with the aim to switch from old system to new and innovative one.

However, smart vehicle registration cards will be same as the new smart NIC cards in which necessary data regarding vehicle including name of the vehicle owner, his identity card number, chassis number of the vehicle, body color, model and registration number of the vehicle will be printed on the smart card.

This smart card will hold entire information of vehicle due to which there will be no need to carry vehicle’s papers or registration documents as it is hard to take care of papers all the time. On the other hand, no one will also be able to provide fake registration documents of vehicle as it has become too common these days because lots of officials are also taking bribe in order to provide signed registration papers. With this new system, there will be no need to deal with such issues.

Therefore, 850,000 vehicles who got registered with the Excise department will be able to get issuance of smart vehicle registration card which will cost of Rs.1,450/card. If this smart card may lost or stolen, it will remotely and new card will be issued to the owner of the vehicle.

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