FBI Turning American Muslims Into Terrorists; Human Rights Watch

muslim americanWashington: The World Human Rights Organization has accused FBI for converting the American Muslims into terrorists. The organization stated that the measures taken by the FBI after the attack of 2011 had forced many Muslims to financially support terrorist activities. According to foreign news agencies, the World Human Rights Organization had given several examples of the role played by the FBI in turning the law abiding citizens of America towards terrorism. The Human Rights Watch had worked in collaboration with the Institute for Human Rights at the Columbia University to form a report that highlights 27 such cases.

The case studies presented in this report shows how FBI had interrogated about 215 relatives, lawyers and supporters of those Americans who had been punished by law. In a statement issued by the world Human rights organization, it stated that the FBI intentionally or unintentionally created such conditions for the law abiding citizens that later on forced them to opt for terrorism. In 30% cases, this organization highlighted the role of FBI in various forms for the resultant terrorist activities.

Creator of the report, Indria Brasao revealed an astonishing fact stating that America promises to give protection to its citizens while the secret organizations of America were themselves creating an environment that nurtured terrorism and these secret organizations were also found guilty of funding the various terrorist activities. Four criminals have been highlighted in this report who were involved in the terrorist attack on the base of American forces.

The judge overseeing the case of these four criminals also expressed his concern about the role played by the government in preparing these individuals for terrorism. This report also contains the name of 27 year old prisoner Rizwan Firdous, who was involved in the terrorist attack planned through airplanes on the building of the American Congress and the headquarters of the Federal Defence. He faces a punishment of 17 year imprisonment.

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