Methodology Of Daulat-ul-Islamia Distributed In Peshawar

dolat islamiaIn Afghanistan Islamic groups are fights alongside the Taliban-linked. Militants told that they think that Daulat ul islamia is affiliated with the Islamic. Methodology of Daulat-ul-Islamia has been distributed in Peshawar. Commanders of Daulat ul Islamia also said that this year, in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of NATO forces to continue fighting against the Afghan government. The commander of the Daulat ul Islamia Mirwaiz said that he is a true Islamic caliphate and Afghan fighters will try to affiliate with this new power. We know and we are also in contact with some members of Taliban. We believe that our leaders will announce its formal affiliation. We pray for them and if we think there is a problem with these procedures, we will join them.

Afghan Taliban and affiliated groups threaten the Afghan government. Islamic struggle will be a completely new dimension. The Taliban are fighting against the government, which the front near Pul-e Khumri, Baghlan Province, and the headquarters is located. Despite numerous Western financial aids because of corruption at the local level around the streets of Pul-e Khumri are in very bad condition. In last year, the gang leader Mirwaiz fought alongside various Taliban groups, but today they are connected to each others.

Mirwaiz commander to communicate with us for an interview and then they had to go through several stages to agree. He said: “The primary goal of our American struggles, and thank God that they have been forced to flee here. But our battle is not over, but we will continue fighting until the establishment of an Islamic state as long as we do not remain.

Government of Afghanistan are experiencing serious difficulties and if they are able to affiliate with Daulat ul islamia in Kabul. Afghan government will not be so easy to deal with them. This is the first time that the country with a group of insurgents is thought to have been sitting too far from the Afghan border.

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