Lucky Committee Openly Advertises The Fraud

Lucky committeeWednesday: Lahore and the provincial capital of the province, but throughout Pakistan gambling of Prize Bond slip the committee is called the Lucky committee that opens with civilians and openly advertise the fraud happening but was not taken action against these bodies.

Gambling of Prize Bond slip in various cities such as Abbottabad, Mianwali, Multan, Faisalabad and Lahore,  with the name of the lucky prize bond, is playing even bigger fraud. Some groups for the joint investment of vehicle, motorcycle, Umrah ticket dowry overseas tour packages through the simple tantalized citizens with the former. A motorcycle Umrah tickets, wedding package, LCDs etc. are placed in the specified number.

Those taking part in the scheme, will have to pay Rs 15 for the whole month. The draw happens every month and will be made on things rather Rupees. It starts from the beginning of the fraud because members payment period were not reported.

A conservative forcast of the prize lured victims is set a target of a thousand names and sometimes even exceed that number.

The prizes that were purchased with money were raised each month. These prizes are divided into television, refrigerators, mobiles, bikes and cars etc. the committee members are trying to trap the persons in such lucky draws so that they can make money.

The business of the Lucky Committee on Prize Bonds slip is being banned these days. Currently or any other agencies are putting their hands off because Police are active these days.

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