Beautiful Places & Parks To Visit In Islamabad

Each year thousands of tourism, mostly Pakistani citizens, visit the federal capital of Islamabad. If you are also planning to travel then make sure you visit the most attractive places in the city.

Islamabad is known for its beautiful natural environment, amazing parks, historical sites and amazing hills. This is a list of the most beautiful tourist spots in Islamabad or near the city which are easily accessible.

1) Shah Faisal Mosque:

The first place which you must visit in Islamabad is the iconic Faisal Masjid which has become the symbol for the city.

It is the largest mosque in Pakistan and is listed among the top 5 mosques around the world covering with a capacity of 74,000 people.

The magnificent mosque is situated near the Margalla Hills which increases the beauty of the whole structure. Many people don’t known but a library, lecture hall, museum and café are also part of the project.

2) Daman-e-Koh:

The hill top garden of Daman-e-Koh is something which every tourist wants to visit due to the amazing place and the beautiful view of the Islamabad city which you can experience. You can access it through Pir Sohawa Road or can try hiking using Trail 3.

Using the same track you can reach Monal which is one of the most famous restaurants in Islamabad. If you want to eat the best breakfast on Sunday morning then you should try hiking from Trail 3 to reach Monal.

The best of Islamabad comes from Monal during night that is why many people prefer to reach there for a dinner.

3) Pakistan Monument Museum:

The national heritage which is usually called Pakistan Monument is located in Shakarparian Hills. The beautiful architecture and the green hills make it a popular tourist destination

A library, audio-visual archive, conference hall known as Panorama Hall are also part of the project. The Lok Virsa Library is a mega library which consists of more than 32,000 books, journals, manuscripts & reports on a wide range of topic.

4) Lake View Park:

It is one of the places in Pakistan which every age group loves to visit, it is also one of the picnic points for the locals of Islamabad. There are many other parks are in Islamabad but it is the most famous and unique.

This recreational area and wildlife park is also known as Rawal Lake View Point. It is located near Rawal Lake on Islamabad’s Murree Road.

There are many facilities in Lake View Park including:

  • Lake boating
  • Motor sports ranch
  • Passenger road train
  • rock climbing gym
  • Paintball battlefield
  • horse riding
  • Fancy aviary
  • ATV Riding

The biggest bird aviary in Pakistan is also located in Lake View Park, it is also among the biggest aviary in the world.  Here you can walk between Peacocks, Pelican, Black Swan, Australian Parrot, Makao and dozens of other small & big birds.

5) Saidpur Village:

It is one of the most famous historic sites where you can find Hindu temple and Sikh Gurdwara. The village dates back to the time of Mughal Empire which was later controlled by a Hindu and then Sikh commander.

Many believe the city dates back to Gandhara Civilization, there are many other historic heritage sites in Islamabad.

The beautiful place, spring, forest and Margalla Hills along with multiple restaurant and cafes make it an attractive destination.

There are many other attractions for the public in the city but these 5 are those which citizen must visit once in life.

The city not only offers tourism opportunities but also provide facility for tourists from luxurious hotels to one of the cheapest hotels in Islamabad.

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