Lasbela Beaches: Gadani Beach, Sonmiani Beach & Miani Hor Beach

If you are searching for the best picnic points and beaches near Karachi then Lasbela District is the place for which where the exotic Gadani, Sonmiani and Miani Hor Beaches are located.

These beaches are on just 2 hours drive from Karachi and provide a better alternate from Karachi beaches for summer vacations on sea sides.

Gadani Beach:

gadani balochistan

If you are travelling from Karachi then Gadani Beach will be the first beach of Lasbela District which you can reach within 1.5 hours. It is located on a distance of only 45 kilometers and that is why it has been the first choice of people outside Karachi.

gadani balochistan

The rocky beaches of Gadani are known for its dangerous waves which on many occasions have swallowed people during summer.

Despite such incidents the beach is popular among people because of the beautiful colorful rocks. The magnificent rock formations are a favourite attraction for visitors.

Gadani balochistan

Gadani is also a fishing town with a modern jetty and a ship-breaking yard which is world third largest ship breaking yard.

Sonmiani Beach:

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Sonmiani Beach is known for the beautiful Sonmiani Air Defense Beach Hut, SUPARCO Beaches and the Damb beaches.

The first two beaches are restricted areas for Army and SUPARCO employees while the Sonmiani beaches near the Damb town are open for all.

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The golden sand, the clean beaches and blue water of Sonmiani are known throughout Pakistan. Unfortunately because of the fishing town and no take care by government the beaches near Dumb Road are not as clean.

Miani Hor:

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Another stretch of beautiful picnic spots are in Miani Hor which is a lagoon with mangroves and beautiful sea water. It is also known because of flora, fauna and diversified fish species.

The lagoon is stretched over an area of 60 kilometers and is on average 5 kilometers wide. Earlier it was the only place in Balochistan coastline where 3 types of mangroves grew naturally.

dolphins balochistan

The easiest place to find dolphins is Miani Hor. If you want to see dolphins in the sea then you must visit Miani Hor which is known because of its natural habitat.

Launching Scuba diving in the area can also be helpful for the tourism industry of the district.

Tour Packages:

Many tour operators provide trips to Sonmiani and Gadani beach, finding such packages for Miani Hor is difficult. On average they charge up to Rs. 3,000 for the trip, but the charges and rates of packages may differ according to the duration & plan.

As the location of all these beaches are on few kilometers distance many people arrange trip which includes visit to all these beaches.

Lasbela beaches

In past many years people from Karachi have been visiting the Makran Coastline, especially during summer. The preference of Lasbela beaches over Karachi beaches is because of the cleaner water, open area and mesmerizing views.

There are many other places in Balochistan which are also known because of their beauty such as Kund Malir, Sapat, Pasni (Gwadar), Astola Island, Pishukan, Daran and Ormara Beach.

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