Careem Cars and Lost Mobile Phone

M phone lost in one of the Careem cars. Now I have got my phone back, Alhamdulilaah. Although all the data is gone along with my sim card, I’m glad I at least got it back.

Last night around 2:00 AM I was told by the customer service officer that they did not find a phone in the car but because I was really upset about their customer service they told me they will look into it and investigate further.

I also got an email from Careem with the contact of the captain last night after what seemed like a treasure hunt for his phone number. He did not pick up then but I got a call from him this morning saying that he did not find the phone but he’s going to search for it once again and will ask the domestic staff who usually clean up the car before they begin their duty for the day. A few hours ago I got a text message from him saying that he had found my phone and that the cleaning guy found it under one of the seats. An hour back he came to a place near my house and handed the phone over to my brother.

Writing about it on social media however worked like a charm and I immediately was contacted by many people who either knew someone or worked at Careem and they helped me a great deal. I am really thankful to each and every one of you wonderful people who took out time and helped me out!

I would further like to thank Careem for helping me out (although really late) in a situation like this, and special thanks to Captain Shayan Riaz, you’re a hero! Although I would still want you guys to fix your helpline in case, God forbid someone gets into a similar situation, shukriyaah!

By Onaissa Rizwani

People commented:

So lucky of you!! I’ve lost so many even not got single of them.

You sure it’s your phone? Maybe careem bought a second hand phone and gave it to you, because the missing sim doesn’t fit in the scenario at all.

And if it is yours then that means the driver tried to swipe it off, but due to your post careem probably pressured him into handing it over!

Either ways, you’re one lucky girl!

Sad and bad story writer, recently we heard lots of negative reports about careem on social media, so new idea to face uplifting for careem, next time script writer should be professional…


Glad u got it back. Congrats

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