Labourers Working At Lowest Wages In Doha

dohaDoha: The preparations for the 2022 Football World Tournament in Doha have already begun. An estimated 170 billion Euro budget has been approved for the construction project to host the football tournament. But sadly, the foreign labourers working tirelessly under the scorching sun of the Doha desert region are being paid just a meagre salary of 54 rupees per hour.

Most of these labourers belong to Pakistan and Bangladesh and the salary given to these labourers doesn’t even conform to the regulations set by the management of this project. After examining the pay slip of about 100 labourers working on the Wakra Stadium project, it was found that these labourers were making about 822 rupees per day and were working 30 days a month.

The labourers also informed that their passports had been taken away by the management, although according to the rules they were entitled to have their passports with them. The Qatar government has also accepted the fact that keeping the passports in possession for creating forceful labour issues in Qatar. The Guardian reported that some of the labours had not been paid for a year and were being forced to live in abysmal conditions.

This issue has been highlighted by the media a couple of times. The situation is worsening causing heart attacks and suicide attempts in the labour community. Lack of safety arrangements at the construction site was leading to deaths of labourers.

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