Saudi Government Does Not Charge Any Fees To Issue VISA

HajjThe Saudi government does not charge any fees to issue visas for pilgrimage that visas are issued free of charge in other countries. Pilgrims pay cost to the private and public sector for Transport, accommodation and food for pilgrims. He said that this year about 14 million people from other countries come to Saudi Arabia for Hajj.

The Hajj, or Pilgrimage to Makkah, is an once-in-a-lifetime obligation for those who have the physical, mentally and financial ability to start the expedition. He made it clear that Saudi Arabian citizens and resident foreigners in employment also have to get permission for Hajj.

Meanwhile, the administration does not permit anyone else and those living outside of Makkah banned in entering the city except hajj holders. That comes into effect from today. All 12 incoming routes are being monitoring by securities forces with the aim to prevent violations pilgrimage especially Riyadh, Taif, Makkah, Jeddah and other parts of the country. The arrival of Hajj pilgrims has begun to Saudi Arabia. The first group arrived to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah yesterday South Africa is one of the pilgrims. The Saudi government does not receive any fees to provide visas for pilgrimage and these visas are issued free of charges.

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