International University To Be opened In Jeddah

Agreement of International UniversityAn international university has been announced to open in Jeddah, city in Saudi Arabia. This initiative has taken by a Saudi businessman group lead by Prince Saud bin Musaed to solve the long lasted problem of expat parents in Saudi Arabia. The international university will offer degrees in business management, engineering and automobile mechanics. This university is a joint venture between Gammon Saudi Arabia and Bapuji Institute of Science and Technology, a Bangalore based institution. The news is announced by the chairman of Gammon Group, Sheikh Rafik Mohammad, who is assured that the project would be 100 percent successful.

“There are more than 10 million foreign workers and their families in the Kingdom,” said by Sheikh Rafik Mohammad. He also added that around 300,000 expat students went to different foreign countries for higher education and absence of international level university was felt with intensity.

In order to make the final deal, Prince Faisal bin Saud will sign an agreement next month with the CEO of Bapuji Institute of Science and Technology, Ganesh Shivashankarappa and the managing director of Shamanur Group in Davangere. It will be the first university of such kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sheikh Rafik Mohammad emphasized the desire of Prince Saud for bringing reputable international standard universities and institutes in the Kingdom to strengthen the higher education sector. In the initial stage, the university will have 13 colleges which will offer courses in B.Com, BBM, MBA, electrical, mechanical, civil, automobile, electronic and communication engineering, architecture and information technology. However medical courses will be also provided later on.

“This is going to be a 100 percent successful project because there is need for higher education facilities for foreign students in the Kingdom. The Saudi government intends to provide the best education and training to its citizens and has sent more than 200,000 Saudis on foreign scholarships to study at reputable international universities,” said by Sheikh Rafik Mohammad.

After the verification of certificates and conduction entrance exams, the process of admissions will be started, however the process will be started through online applications. Cooperation from different universities of US, Canada, Europe and Australia would be also demanded for this new university. The target of this university is to provide quality education for not only the Saudis but also for the children of expats from different countries including Pakistan, India, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Philippine and Egypt.

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