Try 5 Easy Beauty Makeup Tips & Tricks

It would nice if women have her inner beauty but outer appearance is also important. Women deserve to be appreciated, respected and admired. When women improve her appearance she starts to buildup confidence in her life. Most women prefer beauty salons for their grooming but some simple tricks can help her to improve appearance easily at home.

Step 1: Hide Dark Circles Apply the moisturizer with SPF that will help concealer to slide smoothly. Now use concealer but only where you need it, like on under eye circle or on blemishes. Apply it in little strips with pointed brush for better and fine lines use the tips of your brush. Now blend the concealer with the use of your ring finger but lightly.

Step 2: A Touch of Base To get perfect even skin use foundation stick, it will save your time. Us the foundations stick like a marker and draw thick line down cheekbone, above the eye brows and on the sides of your nose and blend it with your finger. For more better look, before blending use two or three shades darker foundation stick and then blend both colure together. The heat from your finger will melt the foundation on your face. For lighter coverage, use moisturizer before blending foundation.

Step 3: Now Blush

Don’t shade cheekbones with powder or brush, use cream blush for better result. Apply it on your cheeks and for easy way “smile”. Then blend the colure toward your temple with fingers. If the colures gone over board or you are in clown like situation don’t wash your face instead apply some foundation over it.

Step 4: Apply Shimmery Eye Base Apply shimmery cream shadow from eyelash line to eyebrow bone with finger. Try silver white shade if your skin is fair. Use champagne color for medium to dark skin colure. Dot the colure in your inner eye corners to create extra bright eye effects.

Step 5: depth Use both Bronze and gold cream shadows to give eye depth. Apply bronze on your crease with flat brush and use your finger to smudge it towards your eyelids by avoiding the eyebrow bones. It should be smooth without any lines or strips of colure. Now us gold shadow on the center of the lids and run a little lone to your lower lash to make eyes look bigger.

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