Indian Court Bans Cattle sacrifice In Himachal Pradesh

cattlesAn Indian court has banned a tradition of sacrificing cattle for religious reasons, believe the practice cruel. The high court in Himachal Pradesh asked police and other authorized persons to implement its ban on the slaughter, essentially of goats in Hindu holy place throughout the state. No person would sacrifice any cattle in any position of worship. It includes next lands and buildings. The bench of the court ruled on Monday. “An astonishing revelation was made. Thousands of cattle are sacrificed every year in the name of worship. The court said.

Judge said, “Sacrifice causes huge pain and suffering to innocent cattle. They cannot be allowed to be sacrificed to pacify a god or divinity in a barbaric manner”. The court said that such curial habit must be changed in the modern era. The court ruled on an appeal brought by animal rights protester, who highly praised the go on Tuesday as long overdue.

Maheshwar Singh safeguarded the tradition, saying: “This judgment is against the ancient beliefs and customs of many people.” Goats are generally sacrificed in temples across Himachal Pradesh with the mean of satisfying Hindu deities. Cattle are offered symbolically to the idol and afterwards taken home by villagers for eating during the Himalayan state’s bitterly cold winter.


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