Indian Newspaper Claims : China Is Giving Pakistan 3 Power Reactors

pak chinaNew Delhi: An Indian Newspaper has claimed that China is gifting Pakistan a Mega Power Generation Plant. Every power reactor plant has the capacity to produce enough energy to aid the production of 40 bombs yearly. A Giga power reactor will be operational in Karachi that will have the capacity to produce power more than the normal power reactors.

The Indian Newspaper, ‘Sunday Guardian’ has given a detailed report on this aspect based on conformed sources of the scientific community. It claims that two power plant projects are under progress and that more are expected in 3 more areas of the country. The gift of Beijing to Islamabad will denote the transition from a small reactor to a mega one and it also represents the biggest exchange of advanced technology.

The waste matter produced from the Giga reactors do not come under the protocol of a normal reactor, which means that the waste matter can be used to produce 40 bombs annually. Out of the 3 power reactors given to Pakistan by China, the first will start functioning in Karachi soon. Beijing stated that the negotiations between China and Pakistan were in line with the IAEA guidelines.

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