How To Get Emergency Treatment In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Ambulance ServiceSaudi Arabia is one of the top countries of the world which have worst traffic situations. Due to this, at least one traffic accident occurs in every minute and the kingdom witness up to 7,000 deaths approximately in a year. The traffic situation on roads in the working hours does not allow the ambulance to reach the spot immediately after any accident. This situation is very normal in the kingdom and had taken many lives in the past because ambulances stuck in the traffic. In order to provide first aid to the patient, following steps should be adopted to save precious lives.

Steps To Get Emergency Treatment In Saudi Arabia

  • First of all, dial emergency service provider number of 997 and try to reach at Red Crescent in your area with the patient.
  • Ambulances can reach at Red Crescent easily as compared to any street or road.
  • If you are living in apartment, try to come downstairs with the patient so that he/she can get early first aid as the ambulance reaches.
  • Those who lack expertise and knowledge in Arabic language can get one plus point that they can get immediate ambulance service when they wants from Red Crescent by using only the terms like “RTA” and “Paramedic”, which are very common.
  • For most of the expatriates in Saudi Arabia, medical insurance is included in the work contract.
  • Always try to avoid over speeding and carelessness while driving a car or any vehicle, especially in the working hours in order to stay safe.

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