Tracking System- Leopards Courier Services

leopards logoFastest growing courier service of Pakistan Leopards makes it sure that its customers stay informed and updated about the whereabouts of their shipments at any point of time. Leopards offers an easiest tracking system on their official website through which you can track your shipments.

Leopards Courier Services was inaugurated in 1983 with delivery services restricted to five destinations alone.  Leopards has now expanded to over 1036 destinations for general clients. These destinations are controlled by 164 Major Hubs located throughout Pakistan. There are 54 area offices, stretching out to 153 branches, over 1500 express centers, and newly introduced Mobile Express centers

[alert-success] On Leopards website, select the city in the field given below then enter tracking number in the field above. For multiple shipment tracking enter eight digits per line, press enter to go to new line. [/alert-success]

Overtime, Leopards has added various products and services as a mode of convenience for clients, including overland trucking for cheaper delivery of non-urgent products, Leopards flyer for documents and other official documents that are delivered sealed, Yellow-box services, international delivery services, the Economy service offering cheaper rates for a slightly delayed delivery, and the Leopards Loveline gift service.

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