How To Get Extension Of Family Visit Visa Online In Saudi Arabia

Family VisaMany Pakistani citizens went to Saudi Arabia in a large number to find jobs according to their requirements. There are some professions in Saudi Arabia by which Pakistani or other nationals can apply for family visa and live there along with family. There are two ways for Pakistani or other nationals to bring their family with them in Saudi Arabia. First way is to bring them on permanent visa and second one is to bring your family on visit visa. But if your family is on a visit visa in Saudi Arabia and you want to spend more days with them, you have to apply for the extension of their visa. So here we are explaining terms and conditions and procedure to apply for the extension of family visa online in Saudi Arabia.

Terms And Conditions For Online Visit Visa Extension

  • The duration of visit visa should be more than 7 days or have been expired before 3 days at the time of visa extension.
  • Visit visa holder should be present in Saudi Arabia.
  • You should have to pay the fee for visit visa extension.
  • The passport of visit visa holder should be valid at the time of date extension.
  • The status of visit visa holder should be alive.
  • All the traffic violations (if any) should be paid by the visit visa holder.

Procedure To Apply For Online Extension

  • First of all, you should have to pay SR 100 through internet banking or online for the extension in family visit visa.
  • You must have online account on the website of Ministry of Interior.
  • After creating an account, login it with your user name and password.
  • Click on “E-Services” when the new webpage opened.
  • Click on the “Passport” icons given on the left hand side.
  • New page of terms and conditions will open. You have to click on the “Proceed” button after reading the terms and conditions.
  • Click on “More Details” button when new webpage is opened.
  • All the passport and visa details of the account holder mentioned on the newly opened webpage. Click on “Confirm to Extend Visit Visa” button for extension of visa.
  • If everything goes right, you will finally find that the extension of visit visa is done successfully.

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