Egyptian Mufti Allowed Men To Shame, Outrage In The Muslim World

MuftiCAIRO (Reuters) Egypt adopted a controversial priest died reputation all over the world. Do they wish the girl or woman has been validated to hide pure intention to achieve if they are men. In a recent sermon preacher named Osama verdict has been issued to allow. The decree stated that the intention to act must be free.

He said that in the description of the girl or woman, you can not hide who you intend to marry. He says that if a girl or woman is bathed in an appropriate area of the hidden parts look closely part of body. In normal circumstances they would not show you.

Imam’s fatwa Egypt TV “axis” was broadcast on Al-Arabia TV that is released in English. Verdict in favor of the early days of Islam, some elders described an incident which has been attributed to the alleged actions were allowed. Based on this unique tome is the point made the naked body of a girl or woman looking to marry her if you wish to grasp the magnitude is a positive thing. The Egyptian Minister of Religious Affairs rejected this fatwa, he asked the woman standing under a fountain to hide what is dignity and manhood. Annoyance in the Muslim world on his fatwa.

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