How To Get Attestation From Chamber Of Commerce

Riyadh Chamber Of CommerceThere are many Pakistani citizens who are working in Saudi Arabia for many decades. Due to high paid salaries and stable economic conditions, Pakistani citizens continuously going to Saudi Arabia in a large number. But the fact is that they are unaware of the Laws, Rules and Regulations of many things such as attestation of different forms from Chamber of Commerce. In fact, all the government offices in Saudi Arabia require documents to be attested from the Chamber of Commerce. So here we are explaining the procedure to attest your documents and application forms from the Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia.

Procedure To Attest Documents From Chamber Of Commerce

  • First of all, find the main office of the Chamber of Commerce in your city.
  • The main offices of Chamber of Commerce remains open for 24 hours a day.
  • Best time to attest your documents is at night, to avoid hassle of waiting.
  • Chamber of Commerce also provides the service of attestation in various shopping malls. Try to find it out at your nearest shopping center and get the attestation of your documents without any problem in few minutes.
  • Chamber of Commerce charge the fee of SR 25 for a documents.
  • You can also find the Chamber of Commerce office in your city where your company is registered themselves like Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam.
  • If you are an employee of governmental or public sector company such as ARAMCO and Saudi Airline, you don’t need to attest your documents from Chamber of Commerce.
  • The offices of Chamber of Commerce can also be located through Google Maps very easily.

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