Ministry Warn Saudi’s From Buying Online Cars

Ministry of Interior LogoThe Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia has warned the Saudi citizens from buying online cars because of the rising cases of internet fraud throughout the world. In a notification sent to the Ministry of Interior by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, states that the criminals from all around the world are using many websites for these kinds of frauds. According to the spokesman of Ministry of Interior Maj. Gen. Mohammad Al Maroul, criminals selling online cars through different kinds of websites get buyers to sign a contract and then asked to transfer the money to their bank accounts. These buyers used fake company names and after receiving the money, they closed their bank accounts and the buyers lost their money.

Ministry of Interior warns all the buyers to be aware of such kinds of frauds in order to buy online cars and any other expensive goods. Always ask for the verified bank accounts and company registration documents before transfer of money for online shopping. The Ministry also provides consultancy services for the buyers of online cars or other goods in order to avoid frauds by making contact to the embassies of the particular country from where these items are being sold online.

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