How To Claim Insurance After Accident In Saudi Arabia

Car InsuranceSaudi Arabia is one of the top countries in the world which have worst traffic situations. Due to this, at least one traffic accident occurs in every minute and the kingdom witness up to 7,000 deaths approximately in a year.Approximately 19 deaths are recorded in the Saudi Arabia just because of road accidents.It means that in every 5 years 1 out of 86 people die in the road accidents in the kingdom.In order to get the protection of yourself and your family, you must have to get the vehicle insurance.

In case of road accident in the Kingdom, Najm comes to the spot to establish the responsibility of the accident on one side. So if the responsibly of accident is established on other party, you should have to claim the insurance for your loss. Below is the procedure to claim the vehicle insurance in case of road accident.

Visit Traffic Police Station

  • First of all, you should have to visit traffic police department (Maroor), after one day of accident. They will check the details of the letter by Najm(which should be with you at that time), your driving license, Iqama and insurance. It is better to take any Arabic speaking person with you if you do not speak Arabic language.
  • Your claim would not be acceptable if you don’t have vehicle insurance at your name.
  • After approving the letter from Najm, traffic police will issue another letter as a confirmation that your letter is accepted for maintenance. This procedure will take approximately 2 hours.

Visit Maintenance Shop

  • After receiving confirmation letter, you should have to visit the maintenance shop which should be approved by the Traffic Police Department, called “Sheikh Warash” maintenance shop. 3 people will give the quotations for the maintenance of your car after examining it.
  • If your car is badly damaged in the accident, they will recommend you to visit “Sheikh Murad”.
  • Now you will have to visit the main office of the shop and you will be given 3 quotations for maintenance with the list of spare parts required for the maintenance of your card.
  • Then you will be directed by them to a spare parts shop to take the quotations for the spare parts. It is necessary to go to only those shops which are recommended by the maintenance shop. You will have to pay around SR 50 per quotation.

Visit Insurance Company

Final step is to visit the office of a particular insurance company, from which your vehicle is insured. They will ask you to submit the following documents:

  • Driving license copy.
  • Iqama copy.
  • Certificate of Najm, approved by the Traffic Police.
  • Approval letter for the maintenance of the vehicle from Traffic Police Department.

After completing the whole procedure, they will give you an appointment to collect the amount for maintenance of vehicle.

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