Expats In GCC To Be Certified Rooted In Skills

Expats In GCC To Be Certified Rooted In SkillsGCC labor ministers have decided to put into practice a skill measurement and certification development on expats workers in organization with main manpower selling other countries such as India, Pakistan and the Philippines. The UAE and Kuwait have put into practice the system on an investigational basis on construction and service workers employed by the private sector as other GCC countries would provide it slowly by the end of 2015. According to GCC source that the UAE and Kuwait planned to put into practice the project on an investigational basis in collaboration with governments of India, Pakistan and the Philippines.

As per the new system, preferred workers for dissimilar jobs would be provided certificates to show that they are practiced to perform the work for which they are employed. In addition the tests would be taken in a professional way subsequent international standard. He said that many applicable international organizations as well as World Bank and International Labor Organization would be included in putting into practice the project proficiently.

According to sources, a center would estimate specialized skills and abilities of a foreign worker before employment to the country. The center would concern a certificate on the base of tests. The center also plans to make safe the rights and responsibilities of both employers and workers similar.


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