Guidelines For Business Visitors In Saudi Arabia

Business MeetingSaudi Arabia is one of the largest oil producing countries in the world and its economy is totally dependable on oil reserves. Due to this fact, it attracts many businessman from all around the world to buy and sell the products in the country which has large economy. Saudi Arabia has its own culture and traditions like other countries of the world. So in order to do any business in Saudi Arabia, businessman from outside the Kingdom must have to take care of some points while doing this. Some important points which will definitely help businessman from outside the Kingdom are as follows:

Important Points For Business Visitors

  • First of all, do your homework before visiting a particular place in Saudi Arabia.
  • You must be dressed up in a formal dress in order put impression of your personality on concerned person or group.
  • The Arabs normally wear “Thawb”, as it is their cultural dress but you must be in a formal dress like suit with tie.
  • While meeting someone, greeting warmly with handshake is an essential tradition of Saudi’s like others. You should loudly say “Assalamualaikum” at your appearance at any place.
  • At the moment of exchanging business cards, don’t keep the cards in your back pocket because it is considered an insult of other person.
  • Don’t refuse the offer of cold drink and specially “Qahwa”, which is tradition of Saudi Arabia. Refusing this offer will be considered a bad behavior and you should at least take a sip of it. Qahwa is normally served with dates it is refilled when the cup is empty.
  • Muslims in Saudi Arabia must have to offer prayer five times a day. The timings of prayers are also followed even during business meetings and it continues after interval.
  • Don’t discuss sensitive issues like terrorism, security, religion and politics in Saudi Arabia while meeting someone. Try to discuss weather, hobbies, sports and travel.
  • Try to explain your views in short points while having a business meeting and come to the point slowly in a way that attracts all of them.
  • You should have to pay attention to the body language of your host and involve him/them for an interactive session.
  • Your right hand must be neat and clean while shaking with someone in Saudi Arabia. They can touch your wrist or withdraw if your right hand is dirty.
  • Always try to thank your host before leaving because good relation with your host will definitely put effect on your business.

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