Private Sector Emirati Employees Get Public Sector Salaries and Benefits

UAE National FlagIn many States of the World, Public Sector employees receives more Salary amount and other benefits as compared to Private Sector Employees but Emirati Private sector employees will get the salaries and benefits equal to Public Sector Employees. The Ministry of Labour, United Arab Emirates have prepared a new law that will ensure that the Private Sector Emiratis provided the benefits and Salaries equals to Public Sector Emiratis. This initiative has been taken in order to encourage UAE Nationals to work in the Private sector as Public Sector is not able to produce the required demand of the jobs in the country.

According to the National Newspaper Report, this important issue was raised at the Federal National Council of UAE where a member from Ajman raised the point that 30 free zones had already exempted from Labour Law. He also added that the basic reason of nominal percentage of Emiratis working in the Private sector is low salary and other benefits as compared to the Private sector. Government workers received more facilities and amount of salary than that offered for the private employees.

Data issued by the UAE Government states that only 0.5 percent of the Private sector employees were Emiratis however 60 percent were in the Public Sector last year.


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