“Google” Hosts the game “Bomb Gaza”, Consumers Unhappy

bomb gazaDubai, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in a recent statement Israeli terrorism against Jews avoided the global demand helped direct Israel. Social media is now an important sector openly and directly, Google has launched a campaign in support of Israel, Consumers, however, due to the intense pressure and condemned their nefarious intentions soon became contrite. Google started on the host on a computer game ‘server, which subject is “Bomb Gaza”.

Google is also aggressive and full of the spirit of humanity, genocide Game app store for its Android mobile platform is a set of open hostilities in Gaza global peace and human rights circles genuinely believing too strongly displeased. Google began to curse. With time, the scope of the curse is spreading fever Inciting terrorism and provocations for innocent human life in this game for eight Israeli start of July so that the rails a few to brainwash people. Israeli forces bombed the Gaza Strip have killed almost 2000 local. Millions of people have been displaced, educational institutions, mosques and hospitals have been targeted by the bombing, even destroy the UN media collaboration with Google to make this game a lot of people coming out I called hate. Some promote the game to provoke the human rights abuses that characterized it. One user wrote that my brothers and sisters are dying in Gaza, please visit the Game app store be removed, it is an aggression So that the game still on Google upload is based on items uploading such material is illegal.

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