Entrance Of Fake Degree Holder Expats To Be Banned In Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Interior LogoThe Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia has announced that the expats who are using fake degrees will not be able to enter in the Kingdom. Director of General Directorate of Relations and Media of the Ministry of Interior Maj. Gen. Dr. Mohammed Al-Maro’al said in a statement issued to Saudi Press Agency, that if the expats from any country of the world present their fake degrees will face trial and the entrance of these people will be banned in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Mohammed Al-Maro’al also said that the fake degree holder’s expats who are living in Saudi Arabia from many decades will also face trial after this decision and if found guilty, they will send back to their homes after penalty.

According to the sources of Saudi Newspaper, a fake bachelor degree is easily available at 1000 Saudi Riyal and master’s degree is available at 1200 Saudi Riyal. The Saudi Council of Engineers announced last year that they had detected around 30,000 fake degrees of engineering and some of these degree holders were living in Saudi Arabia for more than 30 years.

During a campaign launched by Saudi Ministry of Education in 2013, around 620 employees in different government departments were found guilty by using fake degrees including Doctors, bachelor and master degree holders.

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